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Voting: why this year matters

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

2020 has seen a lot of change, including the unprecedented use of the word "unprecedented." We've seen businesses close, some permanently, and some reopen only to be shuttered again. We've changed how we interact with family and friends, how we shop, and how we attend school. Many have lost their jobs and their homes and some kids will be returning to school in the fall after having been isolated in terrible circumstances they could neither control nor fully comprehend.

As I write this, it is July and we still don't know what our district will look like in the fall. Issues that should have been addressed months ago are still being debated. Even if the district makes the best possible decision at the end of July, district staff will only have three weeks to implement it and that's if there are no legal or contractual impediments.

By delaying their decision, they've put our district parents and guardians (some of whom are also teachers and staff in the district) in a terrible position of uncertainty. They'll have only a few weeks to secure childcare, make hard decisions about their jobs and other commitments, and do it while thousands of other of people in the district are trying to accomplish the same thing.

In a school board race, every vote matters. I'm asking that you trust me with yours.

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