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Updated: Jul 3, 2020

In the past several years, I have seen our district continue to shy away from making the proper investments in technology that will prepare our children, engage our parent community, and secure the data our school system needs to operate.

As a technology professional myself, I understand the constant pressure to do more with less. At some point, we do less with less and we get less with less. The P-BVUSD technology staff needs our support.

In 2020 alone, our district's financial system crashed, our entire system was infected by ransomware that wiped out years worth of lesson plans and delayed grades. All of that was before the schools were closed and we were all supposed to participate in distance learning. Our teachers had no training and little preparation and guidance. Our IT department was overwhelmed again. And four months later, our district still doesn't seem to have a plan in case our schools need to close again which we all know is not only possible, but likely.

There has been talk of creating an online academy within Panama - Buena Vista for years. This is the time to make that a reality and prepare to scale it each time the state closes our schools.

The district now has an official app, but it came years after individual teachers implemented their own communication tools with parents and we're left with redundant tech that needs to be supported but doesn't advance what is possible.

I'd also like to acknowledge Castle Elementary's (Go Knights!) STEAM program which kicked off to great fanfare but hasn't received the support it needs to grow and spread to other schools.

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