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Thank you

Thank you to everyone who voted, donated, volunteered, and wished this campaign well. It looks like we didn't win this one but the ideas our campaign generated are going to have lasting impacts on the school district.
When the dust settles, it's still going to be up to us to hold those elected accountable. The work will be harder, but building a stronger future for Panama-Buena Vista is worth the work.


The Campaign Begins

July 15, 2020

2020 has already been a year none of us will ever forget. In times like these, it's difficult to abandon the safety of the things we know. But we can't let our fear of change keep us from moving forward.
In the same way that you can't wait to see if a ship will stop sinking, we cannot wait for the COVID-19 pandemic to resolve itself. The issues that the pandemic is highlighting have been issues for years and we have lacked the political will to bring change.

Our teachers are doing their best but can only operate within the constraints of the district and with the resources allocated. We need a board that will listen to teachers and parents, make hard decisions, and back those decisions with necessary resources.

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